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Selecting Massage Beds for your Spa

The massage bed is a wellness icon; the fundamental tool for therapists. For this reason, before purchasing, it is important to consider all aspects of the environment in which it will be used and the space that the therapist will need to move around during treatments. In general, length ranges from 180-195cm, while the width ranges from 75-80cm. The wider the bed, the greater the comfort for the guest. The height, on the other hand, varies according to personal taste and the style of massage to be performed and can be adjusted manually or electrically, generally from 60-86cm.

Considering these aspects is important for both guest and therapist comfort. An unsuitable bed for the therapist can create physical problems over time due to poor posture assumed during treatments. The materials should also be considered carefully. Mainly chosen for aesthetic purposes, they must still guarantee safety, stability and ease of use. For upholstery, the most common material is eco-leather which is long-lasting and easy to sanitize. Being non-breathable, it suits both creams or oils, and is fireproof, antibacterial and antifungal for hygiene.

Having an outdoor space is essential for many resort spas, creating massage experiences with a connection between body, mind and nature. With this premise, LEMI created a solution suitable for outdoor environments. Bellaria, the first outdoor bed from LEMI, was expressly designed to be used outdoors; to withstand sun, water, sand, and wind due to the mattress and base, both fabricated with waterproof materials.

Open air jungle and beach locations bring the mind to an almost ’primordial’ state of well-being, guests can rediscover contact with nature, stimulating the senses, and experience this dimension of wellness in the utmost comfort.


By Matteo Brusaferri
General Manager

Author: Fabiola