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How Technology is Changing Health and Wellness

The health and wellness industry is always changing. One area that is constantly developing is the technology available to the public. In this article we examine how technology has changed consumer’s health and wellness habits.

Every year a new development is created that changes how the public monitors their health and wellness. Where once technology would only give information on how to lead a healthier lifestyle, now it is actively aiding customers in pursuing their goals.

Innovations such as the SmartMat for yoga are taking the information once confined to the gym and putting it into people’s homes. Tech Crunch reported that the SmartMat recognizes when a yoga pose is wrong and can automatically provide the right information to correct it. The advantage of this is that people who are uncomfortable with visiting a gym now have the means to try yoga without paying for a session with an instructor.

Arguably the most fashionable health and wellness technology is the wearable. These devices allow users to monitor everything from the calories burnt during a workout to tracking how many steps a person has taken during a day. Perhaps the biggest benefit for wellness has been that users can accurately track their sleep patterns and adjust their sleeping habits accordingly.

In our Spa Wellness MexiCaribe article on the eight trends for 2017courtesy of the Global Wellness Summit, we reported that improving mental wellness was one of the key trends. At the summit it was noted that technology was finally putting the mind on equal billing with the body through technological developments dedicated to improving mental health such as apps.

Indeed one area of digital development that has enormously improved the heath and wellness industry is mobile technology. The smartphone has revolutionized how people monitor their lives. Health and fitness apps are some of the most widely used in the world. The vast amount of information on every aspect of health and wellness is truly mind blowing.

Mobile technology is increasing every year and not just in the fitness industry. Today all industries are embracing mobile technology in order to keep up with public demand and changing habits. To give an example of how mobile technology is growing you only have to look at consumer habits in industries such as the online entertainment business. Specialist online gaming company Gaming Realms, who are known for converting traditional card games into digital versions for their leading casino site Slingo, reported that up to 80% of their customers now play using mobile devices. This trend is repeated across all industries with more customers turning to their mobile device rather than referring to traditional sources for information and activities. For the health and wellness industry this has allowed companies to attract customers who would otherwise be averse to visiting a gym or health clinic. While there are many advocates who believe that we should disconnect from technology there is no doubt of the enormous benefits it has brought to the industry. Technology has changed our living habits by bringing health and wellness information into the home and pocket of consumers.

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Sara Jones
Author: Sara Jones

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