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Windsor Fitness is excited to announce the new representation of Hydromassage, which specializes in the manufacture and innovation of products that bring comfort, relief and relaxation to people around the world.

Hydromassage is an open massage system, in two formats: bed and lounge, which provides guests with 10-15 minutes of relaxation. It has the most powerful hydromassage units on the market with a touch screen for massage adjustments and multimedia entertainment options in addition to temperature control.

With the demands of work and the increase of the exercise routines, it is very important to take time to rest and to recharge. The benefits of massage are plentiful, but having the Hydromassage equipment in your facility could also provide a quick return on the investment. In addition, your partners and guests will love your facility.



Gharieni MLX Limber

Which spa table position do you prefer?

Perfect flexibility is given now by the MLX Limber! The new massage and wellness table by Gharieni enables treatment positions that are unique and exceptional in their variety. For treatment options without limits!

Sensational flexibility

With the MLX-Limber series, Gharieni initiated the next generation of spa tables. Due to its flexibility it offers more than sitting, half or head-down (Trendelenburg) position. All three Limber models make sure you have the right spa table for your needs: starting with classical massage treatment through to special treatments. “Limber Flex” the star of all three Limber varieties, aside from an infinite number of adjustment options, also offers a modified top position. This is made possible by the patented, double sided, lowerable pair of armrests. It ensures a usability of the MLX Limber on both sides, which makes it a multifunctional spa table with unequalled flexibility and offers new dimensions of treatment options.


gharieni mlx limber


The Somadome is the world’s first enclosed, personal meditation environment. It has three healing modalities working synergistically to help you more easily reach high quality meditative states.

Binaural Beat Meditation
The Somadome currently offers 20 meditation tracks, which come in both guided and unguided varieties such as Focus or Manifest. During your session, the left and right headphones play frequencies that are slightly different from each other. When your ears hear sounds at different frequencies, your brain produces a third beat, which influences mood and meditative ability.

LED light and color therapy immerses the user in a glow as they look into the dome, giving them the perception of infinite depth, and working with the binaural beat meditation to elicit beneficial brain states.

Microcrystalline Tiles
The Somadome is embedded with microcrystalline tiles that block and dissipate the frequencies emitted by electronic devices.


IMG 25

Oakworks ABC System

Oakworks continues its innovative path by launching its new Masters Collection. The new line is designed based on comfort, quality, style, and low maintenance. New Features include Adjustable Body Comfort (ABC) System, AeroLux foam, AuraSoft fabric, heated drawers, heated top, and new electronics that make movement imperceptible.

Specifically, the new ABC System (also available in the Signature Collection), has been described as the most significant innovation in the industry. Thanks to the ABC’s range of movement, Oakworks was able to eliminate female chest discomfort when in prone position. The ABC system can be adjusted by the therapist without session interruption, it can also be used as a firm pad to give easy access to the neck, or as a base in the back for different therapies.


ABC PadDown Arrow

SolTec Lounge

The SolTec Lounge delivers a sound, magnetic and vibration therapy session that improves overall sense of well-being & tranquility, and profoundly relaxes the body and mind.

Jeff Kohl, SolTec distributor, points out, “In our more than five decades in spa, wellness and hospitality, the SolTec Lounge is one of the most creative, exciting and effective stress-relieving tools we’ve seen. We call the effects achieved from a session, ‘Restorative Relaxation.’”

The technology for the SolTec Lounge was created by Dr. Dan Cohen, who is known for licensing and bringing to market the Breathe Right nasal strip. This project began in 1996 as a means to develop an easy way to induce profound levels of relax­ation and meditation.



Living Earth Crafts, Gel Tech Mattress

LEC’s groundbreaking Signature GT Series features the WIRELESSLY CONTROLLED, ADA COMPLIANT Century City™ and the radical Infinity GT™. Clients are suspended on an amazingly responsive, proprietary GT (Gel-Tech)™ mattress, which incorporates an incredible 2.5” of honeycombed elastomeric gel into 5” and 7” mattress systems. Tables include wireless hand and foot controls, warming drawer, LED lighting, and integrated warmer covers.


InfinityGT angle copy

Rx Clinical, Quantum Lifting Machine

Spa professionals and enthusiasts in the search for new and efficient innovations in the Radio Frequency departament may find the approach by Rx Cosmeceuticals, the Quantum Lifting Machine, as an remarkable device to consider.

This machine developed by Robert Helmes’ laboratory, has maximized the benefits of this technology, while avoiding its drawbacks, for both men and women on either face or body. The results of skin tightening and cellulite reduction are visible from the first treatment.

The heated fiber shrinks instantly and wrinkles are improved, skin becomes smooth and more compact. Collagen protein is regenerated for the long term and skin becomes softer and smooth, wrinkles are reduced.

The device comes with 2 removable probes to 5 specific areas, making it a user friendly machine with a portable design, allowing easy transportation but remaining suitable for a salon environment.



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