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Creating outdoor experiences

Human beings have a genetic heritage that intrinsically connects us with nature, keeping in touch with natural environments is essential for full psychological and physical development. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate living elements into our urban spaces and immerse ourselves in nature, consciously connecting with it to take advantage of the phytoncides to help us relax, relieve stress, and improve our immune system.

Today, the travelers are looking for experiences in nature, even planting, growing and preparing food, and learning practices such as grounding or earthing.

By incorporating these activities in your property, your guests will benefit from stress reduction, enhanced immune system, improved mood and sleep, reduced heart rate and blood pressure, increased sense of calm and vigor and enhanced memory.

Consider the following elements when creating an outdoor experience:

1. Create a deep connection with natural environments: activities such as grounding, forest baths, and contemplation of nature.

2. Awareness of space: moments of full presence, breathing exercises and connection with the present moment, mindfulness exercises.

3. Recognition of our place, and sense of belonging: activities in contact with nature, planting, caring for and growing food makes us aware of the responsibility for the soil on which we live, its care creates empathy with our food sources.

4. Breathing exercises to regain balance: This innate resource that we take for granted is the best source of revitalization, especially when surrounded by nature, helping us to strengthen our immune system, relax and connect with ourselves.

5. Interaction with other living beings: care and empathy towards other life forms allows us to understand the role of each one on this planet and their function to maintain balance, regeneration and preservation for the global well-being.

6. The somatic experience: return to our natural ability to self-regulate and develop our ability to track our emotions and sensations, understanding their origin, and addressing them accordingly.


By Francisco Lugo
Wellness Director
Cartesiano Urban Wellness Center

Author: Fabiola

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