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Digestion and immune system

The key to our health is a strong digestive system. The immune system is strengthened and protected when the digestive system breaks down food and absorbs it’s nutrients correctly.

Using essential oils, a person can strengthen their immune system as it forms a protective shield that rejects all pathogenic microorganisms. Aromatherapy applied orally, internally, massaged or inhaled can work wonders.

Many essential oils are immunoprotective, however some are more powerful than others, such as oregano, tea tree, ravintsara, eucalyptus, thyme, pine and frankincense, a powerful immune modulator. Simply mix a few drops with a vehicular base oil and give yourself a massage on the feet, abdomen, chest or neck, you can also put them in your diffuser.

A strong digestive system opens the door to happiness and joy in life. The harmful parasites and bacteria that can populate the stomach and intestines affect these organs with chronic infections that ultimately weaken the digestive processes.

The microbiota of beneficial bacteria in the intestines indicates immunity and therefore good digestion since they help to balance the digestive processes.

Try these essential oil remedies:

• Indigestion, nausea or bad breath: Peppermint – ingest one drop, diluted in honey
• Gastritis: oregano – ingest two drops diluted in olive oil
• Constipation: patchouli – mix three drops in a carrier oil of your choice, massage into the abdomen
• Gas: ginger
• Colic: lavender and mint, massage into the abdomen
• Food intolerances: take one teaspoon daily of black cumin base oil.

By Doris Magdalena Stallforth
Primavera Life

Author: Fabiola