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Well Defined Women in Leadership Summit 2022

After the excitement of finally catching up in person and taking pictures in the Live Love Spa photo booth, Julie Keller welcomed the crowd of 150 predominantly female spa and wellness industry professionals, gathering to learn and focus on self-development for the day.


Uncovering the light in money
Holly Ruxin

Money is energy in flow, and unfortunately many of us have a difficult relationship with money.

Law 1
Understanding your emotions empowers abundance – what money messages did we learn as children?

Law 2
Clarity attracts abundance – what do you, own, earn, owe and need.

Law 3
Both the emotions and clarity are necessary

Law 4
A mindful investment strategy is the most powerful – create an investing plan that is informed by money emotions and beliefs and your financial equation.


Move beyond fear: expand into your highest potential
Kimberly Snyder

Fear guides many decisions that are taken. Creating change starts from the inside out, everything you need is within you. The ego is superficial and should not consume all of our energy, our true self is guided by our intuition, and is open to abundance. Check-in with your body and gut before making big decisions or sending important emails. Meditation connects you to your power, connecting your spinal column and brain.

When you can clearly identify your fears, you can move through them using intuition and find peace and higher energetic vibration.


Social intelligence and the wellness entrepreneur
Dr. Zoe Shaw

Social intelligence is self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness and relationship skills. Just 1.5 seconds is all it takes to form a first impression! Relationships are our most valuable asset.

4 key relationships

1. Your family
2. The people you lead
3. Your peers/colleagues/competitors
4. Your relationship with yourself

Consider that one person in your life that you are expecting to be who they aren’t. Honor your desire for them to be who you need, but release them from the obligation to be who they aren’t.

Invest in the relationships with those who are supportive and utilize them as an entrepreneur support system.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Be curious and caring!

Damaging personality traits that cost in your business:

Low emotional intelligence
Chronic sarcasm
Not following through
Being a control freak
Being closed-minded
Constantly complaining
Managing out of fear


By Sara Jones, editor

Author: Fabiola

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