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Customized Spa Scrubs

With the rising trend in spa treatment customization, an apothecary style scrub selection is an excellent way to make bespoke spa services for your guests, and get them involved in the fun!

Styles of scrubs
Ideally your scrub bar should provide a range of textures and granularities for guests.

• Sugar scrub: choose from course or fine, brown, white or demerara
• Salt: sea salt, or Himalayan, course or fine, there’s a salt for everyone
• Rice: once ground, this fine powder scrub is an excellent exfoliator with anti-inflammatory and absorbent properties
• Coffee grounds: they have a great aroma and are ideal for slimming and invigorating anti-cellulite treatments, mix with sugar for added texture
• Ground Cacao nibs: an excellent choice for spas in Mexico, adding an indigenous ingredient.
• Beans (or corn): Any ground, dry bean can be used as an exfoliator and is a great way to incorporate a sense of place by choosing one local to the area. Perfect for Central and South America
• Oatmeal: perfect for sensitive skin, ground oatmeal is a gentle scrub with anti-inflammatory benefits.
• Beach sand: If you have an abundant source of sand, why not use it?

Some scrubs can be used dry, but blending with an oil, cream or gel is a great option.

• Grapeseed oil: an easy base oil with little-to-no aroma
• Coconut oil: tropical aroma and skincare benefits rolled into one, great choice for Caribbean spas
• Aloe vera gel: Excellent for cooling the skin in hot climates
• Fresh yoghurt: lactic acid brightens skin and tightens pores
• Shea butter: intense hydration and a luxurious texture

Add aroma and active ingredients:

• Essential oils:
• Spices: Pepper, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg,
• Fresh herbs: mint, basil, rosemary,
• Fruit rinds: lemon, orange, lime, grapefruit
• Seeds: mustard, poppy, raspberry, cranberry
• Roots: ginger, turmeric
• Fresh fruits: mango, papaya, raspberry
• Fresh vegetables: pumpkin, avocado, cucumber
• Tea leaves: green, black,

Make sure you have scrubs in your retail area for guests to take home and use on a regular basis.

Sara Jones


Sara Jones
Author: Sara Jones