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Wellness moonshot: Charm comes from within, bring love, curiosity, and presence to all you do.

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When it comes to your wellness leadership, it may seem a bit strange to talk about CHARM. You don’t hear the word much nowadays. Why? Because the allure of charm resides in something intangible. We live in a hugely quantified world, yet there’s no “charm” scale or meter; charm is an ephemeral rather than data-based quality.

…and perhaps that is charm’s secret power.

A quick dictionary search defines charm as “attractiveness that interests or pleases or stimulates.” In Old French (c. 1300), to charm was to recite or cast a magic spell while the Late Latin carminare, from which the word charm originated, meant “to enchant, to fill (someone) with desire (for something); to protect, cure, treat; to maltreat, harm.” When fueled by positive intentions, we believe charm can be your gateway to greater hope, wonder and wellbeing as a wellness leader.

When charm surrounds a person, organization or community, people are intuitively attracted to it. You want to be in the sphere of charm because its glow makes you feel special, it inspires you, and it gives you an aspirational goal: YOU want to exude charm, too.

Although charm is an ineffable quality, it is within reach of us all. Why? Because authentic charm comes from within. Experiment with these strategies for developing charm within your team and organization—as well as yourself.

• Learn from the charmers. What brands seem to possess an aura of benevolence and charisma? What organizations naturally send out a vibe of deep care—and back it up with their culture and actions? Find out what makes them an instinctive force of attraction and goodwill, then identify how this could apply to your team or company. What do we know for sure? Operating with this kind of charm won’t be about winning others over with flash; it will radiate from a deeper essence of who your team or organization chooses to be.

• Make manners the foundation of how you engage with others. At a time when divisiveness and social fragmentation are considered a significant global risk, charm schools are making a comeback. “Charm could be more valuable than simply knowing which fork to use for your fish course. It could help us to reduce the heated friction in our society… behind all the details and customs of charm is a simple intent: To show respect, consideration and kindness.” Show how your organization’s rules of engagement reflect a desire to uplift humanity; make diplomacy, human dignity and respect, and workplace etiquette the foundation for how people in your organization treat customers, suppliers, distributors, community members, as well as each other.

• Tap into your personal charm. Quit trying to be charming, and instead, let your natural charm show; real charm comes deep from within. It is the manifestation of joy and wonder in everything you do. Charm arises instinctively when you bring love, curiosity and full presence to situations. In those moments, people feel that magical je ne sais quoi of you, the charmer. Try this: Stop what you’re doing right now, take a nourishing breath, and shift into gratitude for all that is. Notice the life energy that blooms when you connect with an expanded sense of being, even for a minute. Therein lies the seeds of true charm already within you.

• Ask questions and (really) listen. Every person on this planet is having a unique experience, often very unlike your own. Emanate charm by taking a genuine interest in others and truly listening to what’s unfolding in their lives. Now, turn that charm toward yourself. When you bring sincere curiosity to your own life and work, what opportunities and relationships seem to be emerging without much effort as if they are naturally attracted to you?

• Connect to charm daily. We’re part of a marvelous web of life with which we can learn to collaborate and evolve. One of our jobs as wellness leaders is to realize this inherent potential in ourselves and others—to be and tap into the innate vibrancy, beauty and mystery around us and of us. What daily practice can you do to remind you that you’re part of an alive and enchanting world?

Charm is part of the uplifting force that brings us together as The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease community. Share a story on social media about what charm means to your wellness leadership using #wellnessmoonshot; we’ll spread your inspiration worldwide. And remember to join the GWI’s Wellness Moonshot celebration on October 20 to connect and learn from others!

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Author: Fabiola

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