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Global Wellness Summit: Day 2

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Day 2 of GWS started with a bang. Edie Weiner’s session, ‘The Double Paradigm Shift: The Global Economic Transformation Plus The Beginning Of Civilization Alpha’. This predicted future changes, opportunities and reactions. Weiner outlines how we are moving into the Metaspace Economy and need to consider 10 major areas of growth:

  • Inner Space
  • Outer Space
  • Micro Space
  • Cyber Space
  • Time Space
  • Design Space
  • Green-Blue Space
  • Storage Space
  • Play Space
  • Inter Space

She warns that, with this fast moving economic change happening at such a pace, the result of leaving large sections of the population ‘behind’ will inevitably lead to denial, backlash, gridlock and authoritarianism.

The afternoon of Day 2 was set aside for wellness activities, as we hiked, paraglided, mountain-biked and lunched atop the famous Hahnenkamm Mountain. Although we weren’t treated to the spectacular sunshine of our arrival day, the rain and fog didn’t stop the fun as everyone enjoyed the activities and the delicious, well-deserved lunch.

The evening gala dinner was held at Swarovski Crystal Worlds where we glittered and sparkled for a fantastic evening. We meandered through the dazzling ‘Chamber of Wonders’ enjoying cocktails and then settled for a delightful meal surrounded by more crystals than you can imagine. The 10th Anniversary Auction managed to raise $108,000 to benefit the future Global Wellness Institute research projects, and Susie Ellis was surprised with an award of $27000 to further her own development as an international leader of the wellness industry.

Sara Jones,


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