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A Wellness Retreat: Respira Tu Amor

respira tu amor

Respira Tu Amor wellness retreats engage ancient, powerful tools to connect spiritual energy. This jungle-based weekend retreat offers an introduction to the three modalities of breathwork, tantra, and yoga.

After an initial introduction to Mariposa, our facilitator, we commenced with a yoga practice to encourage energy flow through the spine, balancing the chakras. The participants then commenced with connection exercises; eye-gazing, conscious alternated breathing, and affirmation giving and receiving all helped to break down barriers. A meditation guided us through a ‘cord-cutting’ process to release childhood/past trauma, previous relationships and to let go of ‘emotional baggage’, followed by a refreshing swim in the freshwater cenote, a sacred opening to the underground river system unique to this region of Mexico.

Two highlights for me were an intense breathwork session that guided the group through holotropic breathing patterns based on the SOMA Breath technique with the addition of spinal movements to flow energy through the chakras. Holotropic breathing incorporates intense deep breathing and breath-holds with and without air. Breath-holds become longer, causing more intense effects of tingling in the extremities, temperature changes, and the elusive ‘astral-voyage’ meditative state indicative of a DMT-release in the brain. The sunrise photo-shoot at the cenote gave way to the other uniquely memorable experience, the Angel Walk. As retreat participants formed two lines, each person took their turn to walk through the center receiving affirmations from the group – an intensely emotional and powerful experience to leave you filled with love and gratitude!


One participant’s experience…

​​I had an incredibly unhealthy relationship with my sexual energy for years, it affected my mental health and relationships. Breathwork had helped me break out of depression and anything involving inner-work, self-exploration and reflection was on my radar. The group had great energy, and many of the exercises, including eye-gazing and energy circulation, allowed me to look at others, and myself, very differently. For the first time in years, I felt connected to the innocence I once experienced as a child.

The way Mariposa spoke about energy, tenderness, and human nature created a space where I finally felt comfortable with my body. The retreat was amazing, but what happened afterward was life-changing. My drive for sex vanished; when I saw a beautiful woman with her partner, I wasn’t thinking about her sexually. Instead, I began to feel the happiness the couple was experiencing. My drive did return, but something was different. I was present. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t thinking about anything other than the beautiful person in front of me, I could stare into her eyes and feel nothing but happiness and love. My approach to sexuality will never be the same; I can now begin connecting with others in a healthy, passionate, and powerful way.

 – Kevin Connelly




By Sara Jones

Author: Fabiola