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Wellness Gastronomy: Lapinha Spa

wellness gastronomy lapinha

People have always thought that spa cuisine, or spa food, is made with fresh, often seasonal and organic ingredients, always presented in a simple, colorful way, with the focus on quality, not quantity. The idea behind spa cuisine was restriction not abundance, and was not well connected to gastronomy overall. While we cannot have copious amounts of food, we can have a plethora of fresh flavors and ingredients that come directly from the land around us. At Lapinha Spa, our own Fazenda Margarida farms are located on our grounds which is where most of our food is grown and cultivated.

At Lapinha we have always offered the ‘Farm to Table’ concept which now is so often marketed by restaurants. The food served in our facilities actually arrives from the vegetable garden to the guest’s table, located within 20 meters from each other, sometimes allowing our guests to pick the ingredients themselves, connecting them to the beautiful process of growing organic food.

Lapinha Spa
Parana, Brazil
www.lapinha.com.br / www.fazendamargarida.com.br

Author: Fabiola

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