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Wellness Gastronomy: Kurotel, Centro Contemporâneo de Saúde e Bem-Estar

wellness gastronomy kurotel

Gastronomy has always been closely connected with wellbeing, food is also connected with moments of pleasure. The Kur Method understands that these moments of celebration and wellness can be associated with food and brings together nutrition and taste. Food does not have to be tasteless to be healthy!

“The alchemy of natural spices and the right ingredients offered at Kurotel, brings our guests the same experience that they would have in a gourmet restaurant, but inside the spa” explains Rochele Silveira, director of Kurotel.

The reinterpretation of national and European classical gastronomy is produced with nutritious ingredients and the local terroir, transforming Kurotel’s cuisine into a balanced menu, with plenty of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that improve the balance within the body, in addition to bringing joy, delight and fulfillment in the moment. Our cuisine creates a high level of guest satisfaction in addition to the positive health results achieved by our guests during their stay.

Kurotel, Centro Contemporâneo de Saúde e Bem-Estar
Gramado Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


Author: Fabiola