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When I moved to Mexico I fell in love with an amazing and beautiful country, the lush green landscape, the warm temperatures the tranquil beaches, of course the sunshine but not least of all the wonderful people of Mexico.

Working in the spa industry here has its similarities and differences to the spa industry in other parts of the world but one thing remains, the huge potential we have in an industry still just starting out.   There is so much room for growth of the spa industry in so many directions.  The wellness revolution is just beginning, with the stress of life seeming to never end and healthcare systems all over the world under increasing pressure and failing to provide, the spa industry can do so much more for so many people.

Here in Mexico we have the luxury of a great climate, bringing the tourist industry from North America and beyond, and those guests staying in our hotels and visiting our spas have certain expectations.  The spa guest is no longer an ‘average’ person just wanting a massage or facial and not knowing much more about it, they are spa savvy and tech savvy with knowledge of the best services, trends and ingredients and a world of information at their fingertips.  So what does this mean to the spas of Mexico?  We have a great opportunity to touch the lives of our guests with hospitality, care and attention and knowledge of their needs, whatever they might be.  We must look to the world of spa and wellness and beyond to understand the latest information our industry has to offer.

Spa Professional México aims to bring information from across the global spa industry to all levels of spa professionals here in México and draw together the community providing a forum for discussion and an avenue for news and information.

Please enjoy the first issue of Spa Professional Mexico!

Sara Jones


Author: Fabiola

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