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Emporio Veracruz

Emporio Veracruz

244 Av. Paseo del Malecón, Centro, Veracruz 91709, Veracruz, Mexico

+52 229 989 3300

Oriental Spa

Hotel Spa
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Famous as the first entrance of the Spanish colony into Mexico, Veracruz is recognized for its people’s joy in addition to hosting the biggest carnival nationwide.


On the iconic waterfront just next to the traditional La Parroquia café stands the Emporio Veracruz Hotel, with its contemporary and elegant decor making it unique in the city.


Isolated from the hubbub of the port, the Oriental Spa in Veracruz distinguishes itself as the only spa that offers hydrotherapy facilities in the region; comprising sauna, jacuzzi and cold plunge pool. Enjoy these experiences before commencing with your treatment, accompanied by a delicious infusion of hibiscus, rosemary and honey.


Based on a philosophy of combining Eastern wisdom with Western practices, the Oriental Spa offers five treatment suites with a menu of facials, body treatments, and massages, in addition to manicure and pedicure services. Oriental Spa also features spa packages and rituals, such as the Ananda Ritual which evokes the senses with a full body exfoliation, wrap and massage. Choose from six aromas: chocolate, green tea, coffee, strawberry, passion fruit or ginger.


The Emporio also offers guests a 24-hour fitness center a few steps from the spa.


Elin Gómez Ronzón

  • Facilities:
  • Jacuzzi, 
  • Sauna, 
  • Cold plunge pool